Tammy Halladay

Tammy Halladay

Medical Missionary, RN, Sonographer at Pregnancy Center, Veteran for the US Army Nurse Corp, Homeschooling mom of 6

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The most rewarding part of innovation is watching how your creativity grows and becomes valued by many people.

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Tammy Halladay is a Registered Nurse, Sonographer, Medical Missionary, former Captain of the Army Nurse Corp, and homeschooling mother of six children, two of whom have graduated and now attend college in Florida. In her endeavors, missions, and educational adventures with her children, she has traveled to six continents and over forty countries around the world. She has proudly served her country and cared for fellow soldiers during the Iraq war as a Captain until 2008. She works as a critical care
nurse in the PACU at two local hospitals, and as a sonographer and nurse consultant in the busiest pregnancy center in the US. She is engaged in multiple leadership positions as well as community service to vulnerable, at-risk girls and women in downtown Las Vegas and worldwide medical missions for the underserved and impoverished. She is compassionately driven to give hope to the hopeless, healing to those who are broken
and love to the least of these who desperately need it. She aspires to continue educating and serving men, women, children, and the unborn in her diverse settings, both locally and around the globe as she continues her studies at the Medical University of South Carolina as a Doctor in Nurse Practice. Tammy currently lives with her six children and two Yorkies in Las Vegas, Nevada.