Tammy Camp

Tammy Camp

Website: http://www.tammycamp.com
San Francisco, California, United States
Member since January 04, 2010
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Tammy Camp is an entrepreneur, kiteboarder, and adventure traveler. She brings her skills to bear – at least minus the kiteboarding part – to current roles as a CEO, startup advisor, and non-profit board member.

An established entrepreneur at 22, Tammy played a hand in numerous successful startups. She managed online advertising for Hotwire during their primary growth period, assisted Expedia, Priceline, Ebay, and Amazon scale their international business, and assisted Harrods, Lloyd TSB, and Holiday Autos grow within the UK market.

Tammy currently serves as the acting CEO of ComCorp, an interactive agency specializing in search marketing, social media marketing, and online advertising. Also the lead product developer and social media campaign manager, Tammy helps companies like Staples, Wal-mart, GM, and AT&T expand their reach online.

Tammy serves as an advisor to multiple early-stage startups in the web security, social media, and executive research fields. She is a board member for the DREAM Project (non-profit organization), is the Managing Director of Girls in Tech (South Florida), and is a member of the Entrepreneur’s Organization (in association with the YPO).

A graduate of Georgia State University, Tammy has been featured in Forbes, USA Today, NPR, and the International Business Times. She is a frequent guest columnist on Mashable.com, and writes a personal blog at TammyCamp.com.