Susan Bierzychudek

Susan Bierzychudek

Fairfax, California, United States
Member since January 18, 2010
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Susan Bierzychudek is the founder and principal of Green Ideals Group, a full-service branding and marketing agency that builds sustainable brands. She is also a teacher and conference presenter, focusing on the development of the "brand story" as a brand's most effective sales tool. 


Prior to launching Green Ideals Group, Susan worked as VP Marketing for Axion Design, a graphic design agency working with Fortune 500 consumer brands. Prior incarnations include time spent as a professional writer, a marketing manager, publicity director, and consumer trend and color forecaster, over a 15-year period in New York.


Susan's career has focused on the psychology of effective audience communication, and the development of brand positioning and strategies that establish long-lasting connections. Using authenticity and values-based messaging as a foundation, her firm transitions brands from the expression of "this is what we do," to "this is why it's important in your life."


Green Ideals provides brand positioning, strategy and consulting, graphic design for packaging, collateral, identity, and websites, copy development, and marketing plans--all focused on a clearly consistent brand story that will touch both the hearts and the minds of a brand's audience.