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About Stanley Tollman

Stanley Tollman is an entrepreneur and well acclaimed icon in the international travel and tourism business. Stanley is the product of a long line of successful and dedicated hotel professionals having come from generations of family-run hospitality businesses. As Chairman of TTC, The Travel Corporation, he heads a prominent international travel and tourism conglomerate, dedicated to unique travel adventures around the globe. Stanley is a native of South Africa who recently celebrated his 80th birthday. He was successful in earning his first million dollars at the age of 25. Stanley is a graduate of Schiller University and currently lives in the UK.

Building Success

Stanley Tollman’s business success started in his youth when he managed the family’s hotel in his native South Africa. Beginning in his early 20s, he envisioned and established a leading group of hotels, restaurants and a wine importing company, SA Empire, in South Africa. Stanley went on to construct the famed Tollman Towers Hotel, acclaimed for being the largest skyscraper in Africa at the time, and the first African hotel ranked as one of the World’s Best Hotels.

Stanley furthered his investments in hotels and other properties with Court Hotels. This hotel chain grew to become Trafalgar Tours, now a mega destination travel and tourist services company. Trafalgar, established in 1947, has a staff of 500 around the globe. The company provides tours the world over, sending over a million annual travelers to holidays in the UK, Europe and Eastern Mediterranean, South America, USA and Canada. Stanley’s interest in world travel flourished and led to TTC - The Travel Corporation. This global travel company proudly owns over 25 successful brands, with Stanley as Chairman. TTC is a combination of exclusive hotels, cruises, uniquely designed tours and other tourist services. The company operates out of more than 40 international cities with over 4000 employees on all five continents. 

Charity Begins at Home

Recognized not only for his business successes, Stanley Tollman is a generous supporter of many international foundations and organizations. He recently took part in a global TTC event hosted in his native South Africa. The worldwide congress promoted the activities of Destination South Africa, to build destination travel and tourism in the country. During the conference TTC executives took the opportunity to celebrate their Chairman’s 80th birthday. In celebration of his 80 years, alongside colleagues and family, Stanley generously donated funding and support to several local charities. These included the Amy Biehl Foundation, the Desmond Tutu Peace Centre, and the Make a Difference Foundation. With South Africa as a focal point for his generous charitable donations, Stanley proudly supports the restoration of the country’s rare animals and plants, particularly those close to extinction. Involved in South Africa’s artist community, Stanley is also a proud supporter of local artists and their work, many of whom have been deemed worthy of winning the Tollman family art award.