Scott Yandell

Scott Yandell

Scott Yandell is a Senior Solutions Architect who is known for his strong leadership skills in the IT business.

Miami, Florida, United States
Member since August 18, 2015
Scott Yandell enjoys discovering stamps that some people may see as worthless and looks for hidden treasures when adding to his extensive collection. Quote_down
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Scott Yandell is an ethical hacker from St. Johns, Florida, who has worked in many groups throughout his career in the field of technology. Scott Yandell knows that as a natural leader many of the responsibilities that face the group as a whole fall on those who are willing to step up to complete the job at hand. Scott Yandell is well known for going above and beyond his own responsibilities in order to complete the job and has constructed numerous technological procedures in order to streamline and better accomplish the group's tasks in meeting deadlines and exceeding set quotas.