Sanjay Mishra

Sanjay Mishra

Hire the best Air Ambulance Services in all cities of India and transfer your patients from Mumbai to another city with the best ICU medical team.

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Member since November 20, 2019
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Air Ambulance Service provider

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The Air Rescuers Team was established in the year 1999 for improved patient transfer via air ambulance to advanced standards of care and management. We have started an air ambulance service in the form of Air Ambulance Delhi, Air Ambulance Mumbai, Air Ambulance Kolkata, Air Ambulance Hyderabad, and Air Ambulance Chennai. We conduct domestic and international air medical transport using specially equipped wing aircraft and commercial jets. We provide a complete bed-side to bed-side transfer.

Do you want to avail dependable Indian and International Air ambulance services? Contact Air Rescuers that offers the best Air Ambulance Services in India