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My name is Richard Stanaro. I have a passion helping businesses succeed and grow against the odds of limited resource, tight deadlines, and global competition. I'm fascinated by the integration of strategy and execution, operations and systems, sales and marketing, finance, human resource development and inspiration and multinational/multicultural organizations. My life and career has seen the emergence of the global market - the need to understand the range of skills and knowledge needed to succeed in emerging and established markets. I am intellectually curious about business and have assembled a portfolio of experience in strategy, accounting and finance, people development and inspiration, cross-cultural negotiations, operations management and technology, international banking, economic analysis and development in emerging markets, policy development and execution, business development and marketing, and international promotion and events management. I believe in a sense of mission in business- it has been a key component of my success and of all of the roles I've held in business. This is keenly important to me and keeps me inspired to succeed beyond the expectations of my clients and of the people that I serve in an organization. Whether it is exceeding sales targets; driving revenue growth, developing creative marketing strategy on a shoestring budget, or inspiring a great sense of teamwork and morale in projects - the mission and vision come first. In each organization I've helped, I've had a reputation as a quick study, strategic thinker, an honest and principled person who gets things done with integrity. I've developed teams that operate at a high level of competency,productivity and with a sense of fun and purpose. My life experience has allowed me to develop a deep appreciation for the value of diverse cultures that allows me to work collaboratively and successfully with people from all walks of life and backgrounds.