"RJ" Jaramillo

"RJ" Jaramillo

Website: http://www.singledad.com
San Diego, California, United States
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1987 San Diego State University , BS , Business Administration

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Company Background


SingleDad.com is the first comprehensive online resource developed for single dads. Created in 2007 by entrepreneur and single father of three Richard "RJ" Jaramillo, the site offers an extensive array of valuable services, advice and referrals to help single dads navigate through the daily challenges of single parenting by providing the highest quality resources and timely information to support the family's continued health, wealth and general well-being. SingleDad.com is more than just a portal; it's an interactive, social network that instantly connects single dads nationwide. The online community enables single dads to exchange ideas, build camaraderie and provide helpful tips and advice to each other. Lessons learned from this community can help ease the stress of single parenting while enriching the lives of its members.


Addressing the Need


While facing the daily challenges of raising three children on his own, Jaramillo realized how few resources were available to help him succeed as a single father.  Support groups, organizations, web sites and play groups were everywhere for single mothers and nowhere for single dads. He also became acutely aware of the social stigma often associated with single dads: viewed largely as "weekend dads" or as uncaring and absent from their children's lives.  Jaramillo encountered single dads everywhere who were dedicated to raising their children but were in desperate need of assistance. 


Jaramillo first began sharing his "on-the-job training, experiences and tips" with other single dads through email and phone calls. Word spread and the calls and emails increased. With such an obvious need and his personal desire to help other single dads, Jaramillo developed the concept for this dynamic online community and resource center, funded initial work, secured other financing and has now launched this great new resource. With passion and enthusiasm, the SingleDad.com team is committed to making life happen...again, for single dads everywhere. For more information on SingleDad, please visit http://www.singledad.com/.




How it Works

Visitors to SingleDad.com can immediately read and post how-to's and read articles in one convenient location. Covering a range of topics, SingleDad articles provide visitors with timely tips, ideas, advice and recommendations to help support single dads - and all parents - across the country. Currently our authors include experts, single dads and other contributors that all offer a variety of perspectives based on their own unique experiences. As our team of experts grows, so will the wealth of information that is available to visitors.

To join the SingleDad community free of charge, visitors are asked to sign up by creating a short profile that tells us more about them and their story. This enables members to connect with other single dads nationwide, broadening their network of knowledge and expanding their local group of friends by meeting those in their area. Members can also read about meetups in their area available to the entire SingleDad community or invite others within their network to their own hosted events. Ultimately, members will be able to access the community's expansive pool of referrals to help you handle all aspects of being a single parent.  


SingleDad Diaries

Radio DJ Jesse Lozano, 28, and Jon Graves,36, widower, to share experiences;

 Join founder RJ Jaramillo in posting "SingleDad Diaries" for growing community

SAN DIEGO - Singledad.com, the first comprehensive online resource and social network developed for single dads, today announced that Jesse Lozano and Jon Graves have joined the SingleDad network to offer the community new perspectives of the young, single dad and widower with children. Their contributions complement the insights of 43 year old founder and single father of three, Richard "RJ" Jaramillo.


Lozano, 28, is a Southern California radio DJ and single father to 5-year-old Savannah. Known to most listeners as "Boy Toy" Jesse, his syndicated radio show can be heard on both KIIS-FM in Los Angeles and San Diego's Channel 93.3. Graves, father of two sons, Everen (9) and Christian (6) is a webmaster for San Diego International Airport. Graves lost his wife last year after a six-year battle with cancer. Each provides a unique perspective on transition, single fatherhood and their approach to daily life. 


"SingleDad is excited and honored have these great men to futher champion our mission to help single dads successfully navigate through life's daily challenges," said Jaramillo. "This is the first in a series of important and unique contributors to be added over the next few months. Our growing community and popularitity is looking for new and interesting voices and we are delivering."


The addition of Lozano and Graves to the network coincides with the launch of "SingleDad Diaries," the new online video blogs featuring the three single fathers - Jaramillo, Lozano and Graves. The Diaries give visitors a chance to get to know our contributors on a more personal level while receiving helpful tips and insight into how these dads approach daily activities. Topics will vary from preparing for summer camp to cooking with your kids, and are guaranteed to be helpful, humorous and heartfelt.


"I started Single Dad because there were few, if any resources geared specifically toward meeting the needs of single dads," said Jaramillo. "I laid the foundation for the site based on what I learned from my own journey. Jesse and Jon bring a different set of experiences, new ideas and approaches that will enhance the resources we provide and help serve a broader audience."  


No other site currently catering to the single dad includes both the resources and the social networking capacity that SingleDad does. The site provides an array of valuable services, advice and referrals, plus an interactive social network to connect single dads nationwide. Since the site's official launch on June 15, the number of unique visitors has already grown into the thousands purely by word of mouth. The site's audience includes divorced, widowed, remarried and single men with children, as well as women.


 "I've been a single dad for 5 years and like RJ, had to navigate this path on my own with few outside resources available," said Lozano. "Being a single dad in your 20s is fairly uncommon and presents a whole different set of challenges. Having the ability to connect with other single dads through this network will help me get through some of the obstacles I encounter and I'm excited to assist others with my Single Dad Diary and other contributions to the site."


Financial Information

Initial funding for Singledad.com has come from Richard Jaramillo, founder & president. The company, SingleDad, Inc, is currently pursuing additional financing opportunities to help grow the brand and expand its offerings in other mediums, ( SingleDad Magazine, Books, Seminars, Radio, TV Reality Show)