Rev Carmen Hernandez

Rev Carmen Hernandez

Bronx, New York, United States
Member since September 29, 2009
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CEO/Founder/Outreach/Pastor, Stratford Community Services, Inc. As an advocate/Activist in the Soundview section of the Bronx for the past 25 years, Rev. Carmen Hernandez has helped empower at risk inner city kids. Through her efforts and a list of activities that specifically target youth, Rev. Carmen has proved to be a vital part of the South East Bronx community. Rev. Carmen Hernandez has also coordinated Stratford Annual Back 2 School Jam Block Parties for two decades and is President/Founder/Youth Community Pastor of The Stratford Community Services, Inc. (Giving Kids/Youth a Chance).
Rev. Carmen Hernandez slowly met and organized small business owners, persuading each business and community to work together as one family. Rev. Carmen carefully realized that the future of our community much depended on building a stronger business outlook and saw the need to empower small business owners to create a positive environment in the neighborhood.
Rev. Carmen also helped to build other organizations, such as helping build the Bronx Christmas Parade and is currently working toward 1st Macys Thanksgiving Parade in the Bronx.
Seven years ago Rev. Carmen Hernandez co-founded and was the Senior Vice President of the Bronx Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, Inc. And then had a very important role as co founder, of the Latin Hip Hop Summit at Lehman College, with Mr. Russell Simmons.
Rev. Carmen Hernandez is most commonly known for making something out of nothing. She is currently the President/Founder of the 1st NYC LGBT Chamber of Commerce, Inc., as well as, one of the original Founders President/Chairperson of Warrior4Luv Productions, Inc., an online music store as well as an online booking and Promotion Company.
Rev. Carmen Hernandez, since 1993, she won so many award for her hard work and community services, she was Honor Mentioned and awarded the Groundbreaker Latina Leader award in the United States in 2006 by Catalina Magazine. On April 22nd Rev Carmen Hernandez, won the NY State Regional & International Small Business Administration, "SBA" Award. Rev Carmen was nominate to win the Rising Stars Awarding Winners for 2009 by the Department of Labor - Latino Job Service Employer Committee GALA. She also is going to be awarded in December 5, 2009 as the Our Youth's Hispanic GLBT Activist of the Year for her commitment and continuous support for Our Youth is truly amazing she is are hard worker. Her commitment not only with Our Youth but with her commitment with the GLBT community and the Hispanic Community is truly commendable. She never say die attitude and she love to give back is truly remarkable.