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An emotive storyteller, helping professionals across the globe, weave the chronicles of their career AKA a professional resume writer. I specialise in fashioning visual and creative resumes which not only helps bring your career history to page .

New Delhi, India
Member since March 08, 2017
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Resume Vogue is a revolutionary idea to change boring textual resumes into something more appealing. The resumes are designed in an easy-to-read format which any recruiter will be happy to receive. Ultimately giving you the advantage to stand apart from your competition, taking you one step closer to your dream job.

* I strategically craft resumes highlighting key strengths and skills
* The resumes are modern, creative and with an added edge
* Each resume is uniquely customised as per the candidates' profile and prospective job opportunity
* The resumes are infused with just the correct amount of colour, formatting and graphic integration
* All resumes are digitally optimised and linked to your e-mail/website/LinkedIn/Twitter/etc. accounts
* The content is enhanced basis the past and prospective role description
* Of course, I grammar nazi over the resume content too
* My resume development fees are nominal and an investment worth making 

I love what I do and the hard work I put into each resume shines through 

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