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We accelerate B2B sales for SMBs with the power of artificial intelligence. What if you could precisely target your outbound B2B sales calls and emails? Are you a B2B marketer or sales person looking to find more customers just like your best customers? Imagine if you had a team of data scientists and AI experts data mining the web to find your next customer? finds high-precision B2B sales leads to make it easier for small businesses to beat larger competitors. FREE TRIAL: Just show LeadCrunch the names of 25 to 50 of your best customers and it automatically finds lookalike leads tailored just for you. It works like a lead broker -- only far better. Our customers are getting more than 300% improvement in lead quality at the top the sales funnel. Unlike our competitors, LeadCrunch is the ONLY self-service predictive lead generation solution that automatically personalizes results for each user every time you use it. It looks at millions of data sources, including websites, social media feeds, government files and other sources to find the BUYING SIGNALS that match your company. LeadCrunch learns how to improve every time tell it which leads are good and bad. LeadCrunch is a personal AI agent dedicated to making your sales team smarter about who to call. No CRM is required. No training required. Anyone can use it. OUR IDEAL CUSTOMERS LeadCrunch is the ideal solution for outbound B2B sales teams seeking an unfair advantage finding leads to repeat past success stories. Benefits: * 300% lift in lead quality at top of the sales funnel * 40% reduction in sales cycle time * Finding new, hidden opportunities. * See our 1-minute video: * Sign up for 100 free leads: * Book a quick chat: * Email: olin (at) * Phone: 888-708-6649 Join more than 1,500 companies who have signed up for our private beta as of March 27, 2016.