Nikita Gadekar

Nikita Gadekar

upayogee Apartment/Society management Software we help you manage everything with ease like easily generate meeting notice, agenda, apartment maintenance, parking lot management, staff management and more online.

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I am nikita gadekar. I worked in upayogee software india pvt ltd company which is best software service provider in pune. Quote_down
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I am employee of upayogee software company

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Today’s modern society needs much modern solution for its proper management, which can replace the human efforts. Any Co-operative Society or Housing Society need a hassle free and efficient Society management system for managing its day-to-day activities which can even manage society’s accounting work also. Society management system has not only to deal with its complaints or accounts but has to keep an eye on all other facility and activities under the society premises. Thus taking help of a Society Management Software, makes us feel free.

Upayogee’s “Society Management Software” is equipped with one stop solution for all worries faced in managing any Co-operative housing society, Apartments, or Residential complexes. Society Management Software is a web base platform which make the work very easy with a world class user interface, The Society Management Software gives a complete assistance in managing society accountings such as Billing, staff wedges, and Sales-Purchase management. It also creates a community group in which each and every member is involved and gets updates and notifications for any upcoming event/meetings in the form of Mail/Messages.