Nikhil Srivastava

Nikhil Srivastava

Jakarta, Indonesia
Member since May 11, 2017
I am SEO expert since 2015. My hobby is to write & provides quality content about blogging, SEO , Social Media , Earn Online and Affiliate Marketing. Quote_down
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I am an SEO strategist with more than 2 yr of experience in developing on page and off page SEO strategies. Being in an digital media industry which is constantly evolving requires an on-going search for new ideas and keeping updated with the latest happenings. I follow some of the big industry players from MOZ, Search Engine Land and other businesses/companies that are dedicated to provide better information every time. 

Areas of Specialisation - 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO), 
Social Marketing Optimization (SMO), 
Search Engine Marketing (SEM), 
Website Audit, 
Broken Link Analysis, 
Link Building, 
Traffic and Conversion Reports with Google Analytics, 
Keyword research using Google Adwords and Wordtracker. 
Google AdWords 
Google Analytics 
Online Reputation Management (ORM)
Competitive Analysis
Google My Business
Managing company pages on Social Media

I have hands on experience with tools like Ahref, Open Site Explorer, Advanced Web Rankings, Screaming Frog and few others which are used in digital marketing.