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Nicey Hilton

Seattle, Washington, United States
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1990 U of WA , BA

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I’ve been coaching professionals for seven years.  I specifically excel at working with clients in the hi-tech sector who recognize that in these economic times,  you must stay competitive. 


During my ten years at pharmaceutical industry leader Eli Lilly & Company,  I was repeatedly recognized as one of the top 2% of worldwide employees for leadership and innovation.  Besides the healthcare industry, I have worked in both business development and marketing management for a hi-tech startup.


I recently became involved in Mindbloom because it reflects my core coaching philosophy - small steps inspire big change.  It's a new technology that helps you set goals, get inspired and connect with your community.  As Chief Evangelist, I'm working with coaches and professionals across the U.S. to help integrate Mindbloom into their work.