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Neha Sampat

Neha is Co-Founder of KurbKarma and on the Board of raw engineering. She consistently challenges herself to pursue projects of passion alongside her full-time job advocating cloud computing at VMware.

San Francisco, California, United States
Member since July 13, 2012
Never be boring. Quote_down
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2003 Santa Clara University , MBA , Marketing
1999 University of Denver , BA , French, Mass Communications

I am a(n):


If you're an entrepreneur or corporate innovator, why?

Cause life is too short to be boring.

My favorite startups:

Parse, Getaround, KurbKarma, raw engineering

Full bio

With foundations in her beloved city of San Francisco, CA, Neha Sampat is an avid traveler, technologist and wine enthusiast.

Living by the motto “Never be boring,” Neha consistently challenges herself to pursue projects of passion alongside her full-time job as a marketer and advocate of cloud computing from VMware.

She spends her days contemplating the vast reach of new and emerging technology areas like cloud computing, Web commerce and mobile applications. As a marketing professional in Silicon Valley, reach is endless. It’s using innovative, creative tactics to reach the right audience that gets her going every day. As Co-Founder of KurbKarma, a social network for parking, Neha has successfully brought consumer marketing expertise to the mobile space.

Neha holds an MBA from Santa Clara University and a B.A. in French and Mass Communications and a minor in Leadership from the University of Denver.

A perfect evening is spent with good friends and family, sharing a glass (or two) of wine, laughing incessantly or scheming up the next exciting mobile app or tech idea.

And as a certified sommelier, Neha also hosts special events and provides customized sommelier services through her Velvet Rope Wines venture and dabbles in pouring adventures from behind the bar at some of her favorite wine bars in the city.

Follow her on Twitter at @nehasf.