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Startup Management + Design + Product Management. Builder of software things. Founded 10 companies. 15 years of experience managing teams of executives, product managers, creatives and developers to craft software products. Source and manage outside agencies and partner with relevant firms to get things made. Lean software design and management: R&D, Market Research, design, product testing, iteration. Product, engineering and design management. Business development with media companies, ad agencies, social networks, video sharing sites, large advertisers and technology companies. Manage the development of video projects, viral video launches, large ecommerce sites, video installations, mobile sites and apps, responsively designed sites and marcom projects. Specialties: management, design & UI/UX, product management and marketing, business development, strategy, finance, media art, large video installations, SEO. Web 2.0, Social Media, Social Advertising, Video Advertising, Content Syndication, Social Networks, Widgets, Social Applications, User Interface Design, Technology Entrepreneurship. Deep understanding of mobile applications and web development. Detailed knowledge of the software product development process and of primary market research (focus groups, usability studies, online surveys, etc).