Rustam Ali

Rustam Ali

Professional Graphic Designer

Dinajpur, Bangladesh
Member since July 30, 2015
Highly motivated and self-confident Quote_down
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Graphic Design, Photoshop, Clipping Path, Photo Editing, Image Masking, Ghost Mannequin, Photo Retouch, Logo Design

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Clipping Partner India
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Clipping Partner India
If you're an entrepreneur or corporate innovator, why?

I want to be my own boss, and be in control.

Why did you start your company or why do you want to innovate inside your company?

To serve better photo editing service and to make employment

Full bio

Clipping Partner India (CPI) is a professional photo editing company located in the Indian subcontinent, a region in Asia. We’re the best Clipping Path Service provider including all over the post-production services like high-end retouching, eCommerce image editing, ghost mannequin, color correction and other photoshop services for both media (Web & Print Media).

We’re working 18 hours a day with 2 different shifts and 6 days a week. But we work 7 days a week when our clients have tight deadlines. Because client satisfaction is our main goal.

We maintain our quality standard by our highly skilled and dedicated team who are experts in their own professional areas.

The following are our most valued services:

» Clipping Path
» Multiple Clipping Path
» Background Removal
» Image Masking
» Shadow Effect
» Image Crop/Resizing
» Ghost Mannequin Service
» Photo Retouching
» Photo Editing Service
» eCommerce Image Editing
» Post Production
» Color Correction
» Photo Restoration
» Image Manipulation
» Raster to Vector etc.