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Mike Ryan

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/mikeryan/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/MikeGordonRyan
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San Francisco, California, United States
Member since October 13, 2017
Startup Guru, Advisor, board member, CEO for 25+ years at technology, healthcare & consulting companies.Served on 60+ board of directors. Quote_down
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2014 Stanford University

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Advisor, board member, CEO for 25+ years at technology, healthcare & consulting companies. Expertise in starting, growing, leading, advising & guiding 500+ companies in Internet, healthcare & technology. Served on 60+ board of directors.

www.healthcare.com/ BrokersWeb #1 Insurance Inc 500

School for Startups http://schoolforstartupsradio.com/2015/01/mike_ryan_natalie_eckdahl/

CEO, healthcare OB ultrasound imaging sharing company

CEO, public healthcare technology company

CEO, $35M, 300 employees from startup at $20B public hospital company (HCA)

CEO, Healthcare consulting & contract management company

CEO, $15M, 250 employees at healthcare companies part of $18B company

COO, International healthcare consulting & contracting firm with offices in Washington, DC; Florida; California; Rome, Italy & Singapore

VP Business Development, $1.5B, #1 clinical outsource company in US

VP Operations, P & L for $110M within $240M healthcare operations and $2B company

VP Operations, P & L for $60M of $200M healthcare holding company at $11B company

VP Administration, P & L for $35M of $300M health system

Founder, SVP Sales & Marketing, HealthOnline.com, interactive health technology company (BancBoston Ventures)

Consulted with a wide range of world-class health companies, Fortune 1,000 and 500+ start-ups companies internationally

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"Most Connected Person on Linked In 2003"