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Mike Rosich

Mamaroneck, New York, United States
Member since October 31, 2011
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First-time entrepreneur

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I founded MoreThanGrades.com while a freshman in college, hoping to connect students with colleges in a more personal way. My goal is to develop a more scientific-technological method of selecting a college, similar to what eharomy did for dating.


I am a recent graduate of NYU, Stern School of Business and work in Marketing. I founded MoreThanGrades.com as a freshman and continue to build the website through the addition of features that students need and want. We currently serve thousands of students and recently added a one of a kind search tool that we believe will greatly increase the number of students that use our site. Our goal is to create a personalized college match algorithm that will help eliminate many of the flaws inherent in the way students currently pick colleges.

We are also adding a complete line of product and services via our on-line store that will complement our educational offerings.

Our goal is to continue to market our services to colleges using a yearly subscription and to offer our students products and services while building our matching algorithm.

Take a look at our website at http://morethangrades.com   To view our scholarship search tool, go to http://collegeship.com