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San Diego, California, United States
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Full bio

Mayumi is a CPA, former international finance executive, licensed coach, and financial expert, with over 15 years of vast financial experience and knowledge. After starting her professional career with Price Waterhouse, Mayumi became International Finance Director for a half billion dollar company, managing financial operations of 13 countries and 100 staff across the globe. Mayumi left Corporate America in 2000 to serve a greater purpose. Over the next 10 years, Mayumi formed 4 businesses supporting entrepreneurialism, especially in women and children.


In 2000, Mayumi founded Inspire Learning, Ltd., which designed, developed and delivered financial education programs for kids, entrepreneurs, and families. Mayumi partnered with companies like National Seminars as a professional speaker and traveled the country speaking and training on financial technical skills to corporate executives and non-financial professionals, and delivering financial empowerment to entrepreneurial organizations. Through hundreds of speaking engagements to various entrepreneurial organizations, Mayumi has received standing ovations for making a difference with her inspirational financial & business empowerment seminars.


In 2004, Mayumi became a certified life coach and started Club Freedom®, a financial coaching community that focused on the wealth mindset of entrepreneurs, inventors, and investors.  Having created financial literacy programs for children and entrepreneurs, Mayumi has mastered the art of making the complex language of money enjoyable and easy for everyone to understand. Her rare and powerful combination of industry, entrepreneurial, coaching, investing, consulting, and training experience provides a unique multi-dimensional perspective. 


In 2008, Mayumi Young formed CPA MOMS, a community of CPAs that left their corporate careers to become moms who have chosen to serve the start-up or small business entrepreneur often working from home. Expanding nationwide, the company stands on three core principles: (1) provide the highest QUALITY product, (2) provide personalized and customized SERVICE, and (3) always add VALUE.  As a result of the commitment to serving & empowering entrepreneurs including its CPAs and clients, CPA MOMS is a Startup Nation 2009 Home-Based competition winner for “Most Innovative” company.


In 2010, Mayumi formed an LLC to support the Family Bank of her family, continuing the legacy started by her grandfather, David Jones.