Matthew Weitzman

Matthew Weitzman

New York, New York, United States
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2008 Queens College , BA , Communications

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Matt is an entrepreneur and social media strategist who specializes in brand management and marketing specific to the world of social media. Matt has built several successful internet businesses. The success of these businesses was due, in large part, to Matt’s expertise in social media marketing. Over the past year, Matt decided to lend his expertise to various businesses interested in developing their “following” on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. His passion for his clients and his love for the ever-developing world of social media were the reasons he founded MJW Media, Inc. Matt understands that social media, at its heart, is a method of communication and that individuals and businesses together can benefit from these “conversations” that can take place any time, any where and on any topic. Matt has been incorporating social media tools into marketing for years and has a proven track record, for both himself and his clientele.