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Mahiuddin Sharif

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STATBD is a digital Image editing company helps you to gain higher quality Image editing service. Quote_down
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STATBD is a dhaka based company which is offer all kinds of administrative support and digital photo services all over the world. STATBD is established at 2004 and it is organized by 50 dedicated team member and highly skilled operators. The ever growing digital graphic industry has thrown terrific possibilities for specialists to use their creative license to enhance images.

STATBD is trusted by nearly 100 business verticals in diverse sectors. The high quality of professionalism stems from trained graphic artists based in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Our challenge lies in using the right technology and application. As a premiere outsourcing company we pride ourselves on having very faithful company customers form USA, North America, UK, Europe, Australia and many others different countries. We are dedicated to offer picture modifying and adjustment freelancing solutions across a variety of platforms at huge discounts, excellent customer care and great high quality of deliverable.

Complete and affordable offshore solutions: In our digital and offshore business we have been providing different online solutions. With e-commerce ruling the roost, we understand the need for creative design, visualization and product image enhancement. Being based out of a developing country, our ethics have been instrumental in creating a large global clientele. We have also partnered with outside professionals to service our main stream of regular clients.

Feel free to get in touch with us at any time to request a photo editing service or any other further assistance. We also provide discount for bulk (100 + images) order. Visit Here: