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Lynn Hamilton

Chief Commercial Officer at Talkspace - Online Therapy

Hartford, Connecticut, United States
Member since March 05, 2019
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Senior healthcare executive with broad and deep experience developing new revenue channels, marketing and growing existing programs and forging client relationships. Demonstrated internal and external leadership across multi-disciplinary teams. Effectively partners with key stakeholders including provider, payer, employer, federal, and pharmacy organizations. Expert at fostering interpersonal relationships, understanding clinical and business challenges, and developing effective and efficient solutions. Ability to quickly clarify issues, develop strategies to tackle them, advocate solutions and mobilize cross-functional resources to meet healthcare and business objectives while consistently achieving superior outcomes. Mission driven focus on quality outcomes in healthcare.

Specialties: CPA, State of CT, MBA, Finance and Healthcare

Board of Directors: Military Spouse Corporate Career Network (MSCCN) and Corporate America Supports You (CASY)