Lenore Weiss

Lenore Weiss

My work as a writer has spanned private and public industry for many years. I combine technical savvy with a passion for telling a great story.

Website: www.lenoreweiss.com
LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/lweiss
Twitter: https://twitter.com/lenka
San Francisco Bay Area
Member since September 27, 2017
Great to be in this space exploring the future of technology so that we may all benefit. Quote_down
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I am currently an MFA candidate at San Francisco State University where I am a teaching assistant. Winner of the Clark-Gross Award (Paul La Farge) and the Robert Browning Dramatic Monologue contest, my work has been published in many journals.  Books include Cutting Down the Last Tree on Easter Island (West End Press, 2012) Two Places (Kelsay Books, 2014) and The Golem (Hadassa Word Press, 2017). I recently have contracted for the Institute for the Future, the Ecology Center in Berkeley, and the online journal, Basmati.com.