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Lars Windhorst - Germany's flagship of young entrepreneurship


New economy star Lars Windhorst convinces businessmen who earn billions with his quick way of thinking. As a teenager he developed quickly into a widely accepted business associate and was celebrated in the 1990´s as the "Wunderkind" of Germany´s economy. In the opening stages of his entrepreneural activities Lars Windhorst impressed Ex-Chancellor Helmut Kohl in particular which he accompanied on official state visits abroad. These early successes generated excellent global business connections, including being invited to the World Economic Forum in Davos as the youngest participant at that time.


Lars Windhorst - Résumé


Lars Windhorst startet his first business in his teens. He established a company for computing equipment which, in a short space of time, evolved into a diversified corporation making a sales volume of about 90 Million Euros. In the beginning of the 90´s Lars Windhorst came to be known as one of the most famous young businessmen in Germany when he founded his two companies Windhorst Electronics GmbH and Windhorst AG. Importing and trading electronic components and computer parts belonged to his core business at that time. As early as 1995 the Windhorst Group operated with subsidiaries in Germany, Europe and Asia. By 1996 Lars Windhorst´s activities expand into a a trading and investment conglomerate with activities in electronics, industry, trading, real estate and finance at maximum turnover.


The successful young businessman of the German economy joined former Chancellor Helmut Kohl at business delegations and celebrated his accomplishments in fast motion. Top executives in politics, industry and show business are his friends. Soon, Lars Windhorst was pronounced the "Asia pioneer of German economy" as he built up a multinational company which invested additionally in financial services and commodity trade in no time at all. At times his company employed a staff of hundreds of employees.


In the course of the stock market boom in 2000, Lars Windhorst founded Windhorst AG which served as a second main pillar in finance, internet and consulting. After the crash of the New Economy Windhorst´s operations likewise were headed downhill.


Lars Windhorst today


Today Lars Windhorst is back in business as CEO of the investment group Sapinda, whose business objective among other things is the management of equity investments and real estate. Following a restructuring phase in the 2nd half of last year, strategist and investor Lars Windhorst runs the subsidiary Sapinda Deutschland GmbH as CEO.


Sapinda Deutschland GmbH manages public equity, private equity and debt. Lars Windhorst established the investment trust Sapinda Deutschland GmbH after he co-founded the investment group Sapinda Holding B.V. in 2004.