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LaCosta Lolly

Fort Myers, Florida, United States
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LaCosta grew up in a small town in Southwest Florida where commercial fishing was the way of life. By growing up in a small town, she experienced the concept of community at its best and worst. Her ancestors are a blend of Greek, Native American, Portuguese, Irish, Scottish, German, English, and Italian. With so many backgrounds, finding heritage and establishing a cultural identity took a long time, but, as many like her know, it is worth it. She has always been business savvy, in addition to being a born writer, performer, and artist. She thrives on culture, beauty and art, but is grounded in her business and home life.

As a small business owner, LaCosta helps other small and mid-sized businesses learn the strategies and tools that can help them grow and find success. This year, LaCosta has worked a wide range of clients from social network start ups to mid-sized technology firms, providing them the seeds for success through comprehensive business, marketing and public relations strategy development. The coming year will be busy as she begins to develop her own clothing line for 2011 launch and working with companies and non-profits to schedule speaking events around the country.

LaCosta has worked with numerous businesses and real estate developers in a variety of business stages. From initial conception of an idea to implementation and project completion, her focus is always on the best interest of a client’s business, making her input and insight invaluable. LaCosta works diligently on every account to ensure the company’s commitment to quality always comes first.  Her specializations in strategic management, creative and technical writing, business planning, marketing plans, strategic planning, financial planning, real estate, and construction allow her to oversee most aspects of each client’s consulting with her own in-house team.  As a writer, she is versatile enough to handle most any project including articles, press releases, technical documents, business planning, investor presentations, and web content.

LaCosta is driven by a strong desire to succeed in her own businesses as well as to promote success in the start-up, small and mid-sized businesses everywhere; nurturing a positive environment for customers and strategic partnerships throughout the consulting industry. Through all of this, her main focus in business is to maintain the highest standards in business ethics and morals and to strategically align herself with companies who share these standards in honest dealing and fair practices.