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My name is Kyle Pearce and my passion and purpose in life is teach people how to use the latest technology to learn faster, develop their creative talents and build a fulfilling career. I run a self-directed learning community called DIY Genius that helps people develop careers around their creative talents. Our mission is educate people about the future of work, emerging technology trends and how they can learn the most valuable creative skills for today and tomorrow's world. I'm an advocate for holistic health. I do workplace and online training programs that help people achieve their peak performance by transforming their habits and improving the way they eat, exercise, sleep and recharge. My background is in digital marketing and creative strategy. I have close to a decade experience building and marketing websites with advanced skills and expertise in: ✔ Search Engine Optimization ✔ Local SEO Consulting ✔ Google Adwords ✔ Facebook Ads ✔ Content Marketing ✔ Email Marketing ✔ Sales and Copywriting ✔ Business Development ✔ Google Analytics ✔ Conversation Optimization ✔ HTML/CSS ✔ Affiliate Marketing ✔ Wordpress ✔ Ecommerce ✔ YouTube Video Marketing ✔ Online Education ✔ Podcasting and Webinars Here's my contact details: Twitter: @kaaist Email: Phone: (604) 346-7121 My websites: If you are interested in what the future of online education will look like, here's a presentation I recently gave to the BC Teacher's Federation on the subject of the future of business education.