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Kimberly Ratilla

I am currently a Vator Community Delegate.

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I'm a full time work-at-home mom, who's enthusiastic about sharing new ideas and learning more. I love pursuing my dreams and making them a reality. I believe that transforming dreams is not just an overnight work, it needs a lifetime of commitment, perseverance, passion and hard work. Quote_down
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2007 Northern Mindanao Colleges Computer Programming

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Kimberly Ratilla has taken various jobs since she graduated last 2007, jumping from one place to another to gain prior experience relating to her field. 

She has been designing e-book covers, banners and fliers using adobe photoshop. She's most familiar with HTML and CSS. She has been transcribing general audio files for more than 3 years. 

She is now a full time work-at-home mom, and is definitely enjoying the advantages of working from home.