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Kieve Huffman

Member since July 29, 2010
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Full bio

Kieve’s successful career has focused on digital entertainment, digital products, direct marketing, and new business creation.  He has consistently created and run successful and profitable new businesses.  Kieve is a digital media pioneer at the forefront of recognizing growth opportunities, creating innovative programs and products and forming new and unique businesses.  

Currently is he is the Co-Founder and CEO of Dather, an early stage Internet company providing event sponsors and organizers a social media marketing application that expands brand awareness, builds communities, and increases profits.  Dather’s innovative timeline interface has recently been validated by Facebook.   He is also a Graduate of the Founder Institute and Dather was nominated as one of the Best of 2011 amongst over 400 companies worldwide.

Career Highlights

  • Led BD and Sales efforts at the first global professional video game league, Championship Gaming Series (a DirecTV, BSkyB, STAR funded startup.)  Tripled revenues.
  • Managed the mobile content business at Infospace.  $200 MM+ in revenues.
  • Ran the digital business at BMG for the US leading into the merger with Sony.  Grew revenues from $1 MM to $125 MM in two years.
  • Crafted historic, successful new media campaigns for artists ranging from Elvis Presley to Dave Mathews Band while at RCA Records.
  • Managed and ran's initial customer acquisition and membership retention efforts.