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Portfolio: Designing, creating, and making things intuitive are my passion. My path to UX design has been a roundabout one. I have been fortunate to have many passions in life, and I found another passion in the study of language. The meat and potatoes of my linguistic studies involved looking at complex data sets and finding patterns to create elegant and simple solutions. I’ve spent two years using that background and flair for design to create a curriculum, collaborate with other instructors, and teach English in Japan to 1300 students. I created engaging activities and modified each activity to the varying skill levels of my students. In other words, I created, user tested, and iterated every activity from MarioKart to school-wide Easter egg hunts. Throughout my passions and my varied background, my eye for design and ability to streamline the complex has remained consistent. I enjoyed creating meaningful and informative experiences for my users, and it is this same passion and joy that I carry for UX design. Skills: Heuristic Evaluations, Contextual Inquiry, User Experience Design, User-centered Design, User Interface Design, Experience Strategy, Interaction Design, User Research, Personas, User Scenarios, User Flows, Information Architecture, Sitemaps, Wireframes, Usability Testing, Interactive Prototyping, Mobile UX, A/B Testing, Team Collaboration