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Kayla Matheus

Designer, engineer, entrepreneur. Founder of MOTI. Yale STEM.

San Francisco, California, United States
Member since December 30, 2015
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2011 Yale University , BA , Mechanical Engineer, Art

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Kayla is a designer, engineer, and entrepreneur. Since her days as a double major in art and mechanical engineering at Yale University, she has always been a wearer of many hats. Starting first in design education, Kayla helped shaped the formation of the Yale Center for Engineering, Innovation, and Design and went on to become a Fellow with Design for America. She has experience mentoring dozens of design projects at the collegiate level, including teaching design thinking at Northwestern University and winning a Core77 award for a process guide on human-centered design. Transitioning into industry, she has worked both at the small consultancy and large corporation level in the consumer product and health spaces. Now, Kayla is fully enthralled with her next career chapter: building a product (and company) from the ground up.