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Kavya Sahu

Website: http://trendingtech2017.blogspot.in
Twitter: https://twitter.com/kavyasahu4
San Francisco, California, United States
Member since April 18, 2018
Mathematics Engineer & Computer Scientist. Principal Software Engineer at Mindmajix.com. Java Code Geeks author. Quote_down
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Senior Software Engineer at mindmajix.com
Principal Software Engineer at mindmajix which is the largest online learning and Training platform in the USA. Avid learner of new technologies. Blogger and speaker.

I have been developing applications for almost a decade. My first love is Java and I'm also a huge fan of Spring framework. I also like Groovy and I'm currently flirting with Python.

Relational Databases and Elasticsearch are my main interests in Data Store Systems ecology. I prepared the Elasticsearch in Action course to share the love.

I love giving tech talks when I get the opportunity. I gave talks on Unit Testing, SonarQube, Google Guava, Docker and Spring Boot