Karen Jashinsky

Karen Jashinsky

Website: o2maxfitness.com
Santa Monica, California, United States
Member since December 17, 2009
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2006 USC-Marshall School of Business , MBA , MBA - Entrepreneurship
1999 Washington University , BS , BSBA

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Karen is a Certified Fitness Trainer and the recent recipientof the First “Julie Main Emerging Female Leader” Award by IHRSA, the fitnessindustry’s professional organization. In 2007 she was also named “One of the 25most influential young leaders in the fitness industry” by IHRSA. In Decemberof 2008 O2 MAX was awarded by the City of Los Angeles and SCORE-a division ofthe Small Business Association as an outstanding business making a positiveimpact in the community and is also the first USC recipient of an SBA loan fromthe USC Credit Union


O2MAX is a youth fitness media company with a fitness studio based in SantaMonica. Its mission is to teach youth how to exercise and eat properly whilepreventing injury through the use of social media and dynamic programs. O2 MAXalso works with the local school district, teachers and youth to enhance thecurrent fitness, sports and nutrition programming.
Development of O2 MAX began while Karen was at USC earning her MBA and hascontinued to be shaped by teen and college interns in exchange for workouts,membership and learning valuable business skills such as marketing,advertising, event planning and networking. . Development of O2 MAX waschronicled in a series of articles in ENTREPRENEUR MAGAZINE


O2MAX has continued to combine the use of social media with real world fitnessand nutrition programs such as PROM Fitness, Beat the Freshman 15, Spring breakShape-Up, Family Fitness and MAX Racing. Plans for Energy Rocks (a youth music& fitness festival ) are underway in partnership with the EducationFoundation which works with the Santa Monica-Malibu School District.


Karenwas a  “Featured Trainer” inFebruary 2007 by IDEA, the fitness trainer industry trade publication. Interestin developing her own business was a natural outgrowth of growing up in afamily-owned restaurant business. After college Karen spent 3 years at VivendiUniversal in media planning, marketing and operations management beforebecoming a personal fitness trainer and nutrition consultant for teens in theLos Angeles area. She has consulted on youth projects for GovernorSchwarzenegger’s Fitness Council, written numerous articles on teen health forLA Family and writes a fitness column for the Santa Monica Daily Press. Kareninitiated the Southern California Entrepreneur Roundtable at USC while servingas VP Business Development for the Entrepreneur and Venture ManagementAssociation. Karen nowserves on the Board of Advisors for the EntrepreneurMentor Society, helping other young entrepreneurs achieve their goals and is afrequent speaker at USC and at local high schools. Karen also serves as thechair for the Los Angeles Alumni and Parent Association for WashingtonUniversity and is President of the Trojan CEO Forum.  She earned an MBAfrom USC’s Marshall School of Business with an emphasis in entrepreneurship andhas a BSBA from the John M. Olin School of Business at Washington Universitywith an emphasis in marketing and international business. In August of 2005Karen was training for her first century ride and was in a near fatal bicycleaccident. She graduated from USC a semester late and has since made a fullrecovery. She recently completed her first triathlon and continues to serve asa role model to both adults and youth. Karen drinks Macro Greens every morningand stays in shape by going on long bike rides & runs and a combination ofweight training, yoga & Pilates.