Kailashtour Info

Kailashtour Info

Mount Kailash is known by the name of Kailash, Mt Kailash, Kang Rimpoche, Tise, Kailas, Kailash Parbat, Mount Meru and Sumeru Parvat is a pillar of the world located in the heart of the six mountain ranges symbolizes a lotus.

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Kailash group tour operator agency in Nepal for anyone want to visit Mount Kailash, and take holy Kailash manasarovar tour. Our whole Kailash tour gui Quote_down
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Mount Kailash is the earthly manifestation of Mount Meru or Sumeru which is the spiritual centre of the universe according to Buddhist, Jains and Hindu cosmology. Thousands of Buddhist, Jain, Hindu and Bonpo pilgrims circumambulate the foot of Mount Kailash that is 52km long. Mt Kailash is believed to be the Axis of the world that provides a connection between the earth and heaven between the physical world and the spiritual worlds, the celestial centre of the world where heaven meets earth. For the followers of four of Asia's great religions, Buddhism, Jainism, Hinduism and Bon, Kailash is the centre of the universe, the seat of all spiritual power, the summer residence of Shiva and home to the Buddha of supreme bliss. Kailash is the head mountain and the centre of all the religion.