Joyonna Gamble-George, Ph.D.
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2016 Vanderbilt University , PhD , Neuroscience
2003 Xavier University of Louisiana , BS , Biochemistry and Biology

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I want to change the world.

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Dr. Gamble-George has 10+ years, 80k+ hours of medical science and biotechnology research experience at top Research I universities and scientific publications on Alzheimer's disease pathology, anxiety and stress-related disorders, neurotoxicity, HIV, and therapeutics.  Through an American Hospital Association-sponsored program, she also served as a health system specialist and evaluated the day-to-day functions of a Veterans Affairs medical center and performed strategic planning to improve customer service, veterans benefits, and patient hospital admissions.  Moreover, Dr. Gamble-George has implemented community-based initiatives in rural communities to combat infectious and chronic diseases due to her passion to promote public health in populations impacted by health disparities.

Dr. Gamble-George's multifaceted experiences in the healthcare field led her to acquire a PhD in Neuroscience at Vanderbilt University.  Her dissertation research provided valuable information for drug discovery aimed at preventing or treating anxiety or stress-related disorders in humans.  Dr. Gamble-George's dedication to the neuroscience field and the well being of others was awarded with the opportunity, as one of 600 young researchers from a 20k global applicant pool, to network with Nobel Laureates on future research approaches to medicine in Germany.  It also inspired her to achieve the long term career goal of scientifically examining the social, lifestyle, environmental, and hereditary factors that contribute to brain disorders and other health issues in health disparity and medically underserved populations.  She plans to use animal and human cell-based models and biotechnology to determine how drug, lifestyle change, and/or social and enrichment strategies can alleviate negative consequences in the brain and the body.  To achieve her long-term goal, she co-founded SciX, LLC, a biotech IoT application and device development company.