Joseph Chui

Joseph Chui

Joseph is the CTO of Metrix Health, Inc. He brings more than 15 years of experience in architecting and developing productivity applications in various regulated industries such as Healthcare, Defense, Robotics, and Finance.

San Francisco Bay Area
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1998 McGill University , MS , Computer Science
1994 McGill University , BS , Joint Honors in Mathematics and Computer Science

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I want to change the world.

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Joseph is the CTO at Metrix Health, Inc and brings more than 15 years of software engineering experience in various regulated industries.

Prior to co-founding Metrix Health, Joseph spent part of his career at FANUC Robotics America, where he was the youngest staff engineer in product development. The intelligent platform co-architected by Joseph significantly improves the quality and efficiency of their enterprise customers. At FANUC, he pioneered the direct use of 3D product data to design robotic processes automatically. The software has revolutionized the engineering practices in various applications where manual, time-consuming teaching procedures have been completely automated. 

After his career at FANUC, Joseph introduced the use of 3D technology to improve the productivity in finance and medical imaging. Joseph has built a mobile platform for The Vanguard Group to provide their investors visualization of their investment diversity. At the University of Pennsylvania, he built a highly accurate and efficient 3D simulation platform to simulate medical X-Ray imaging.

At the University of Pennsylvania, Dr. Mathew Thomas and Joseph co-authored an enterprise analytic platform to provide business intelligence and insight from medical dosimetry big data.

Joseph holds a MSc in Computer Science and a BSc in Joint Honors in Mathematics and Computer Science from McGill University in Canada.