john pisciotta

john pisciotta

Nashville, Tennessee, United States
Member since August 19, 2009
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1994 Belmont University , BA

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John Pisciotta, Principal at Ripcord Entertainment, producer,
business owner, author. Propelling entertainment content, copyright
creation, brand ignition and joint venture partnerships forward. A
creative catalyst, who has helped to produce, create, position,
reposition or launch hundreds of artists, bands, writers, thinkers.
John and his team creates and launches the careers of others, or creates new products and launches them for his own companies.  Recent song of the year,
video of the year nomination, and America Music Award.


Ripcord Enteratinment. A cross-media  brand ignition, media holding company. Creating assets, managing content, platform development, within the all-media marketplace.

Ripcord Entertainment was founded to serve as a holding company through which entertainment and media companies are developed, acquired or developed co-created.  Each company that is part of the Ripcord family is in the business of either providing content or distributing quality entertainment, digital media products and services within the all-media marketplace.