Joey Tamer

Joey Tamer

Joey Tamer is a shadow CEO to technology & digital media startups. Successes: an IPO & sales of companies at high multiples. Some F500 clients: IBM, Apple, Sony, Blockbuster, Time-Warner, JP Morgan.

Santa Monica, California, United States
Member since January 17, 2012
I care about emerging technology entrepreneurs and early-stage, risk-taking founders and investors. My challenge is to guide you to success, wealth and the freedom to build the next new thing, again and again. I also consult to experts to build and enhance their consulting practices, as they offer their services to both the technology and the general business community. Our work together aims to double your reach and your revenue, and to free you to expand your expertise to service more markets. I am so blessed. I get to do the most challenging work with the best and the brightest of clients who are creating technologies and services that change the world. Quote_down
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Consultant to tech and digital media CEO entrepreneurs & consultants

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Joey Tamer ( is a widely acclaimed strategic consultant to technology and digital media CEOs, U.S. and worldwide.  Her work helps create wealth for founders and investors of entrepreneurial ventures, and a high return on investment for Fortune 500 in-house ventures.  Her capital strategies drive up her clients’ valuations and profitability.  She has a special expertise in working with emerging and disruptive technologies.

Successes include the 1st Internet B2B IPO with $30M to each of the founders in year 5; the sale of a husband/wife software company for $50M in year 4; the raising of $2.2M in seed capital with no equity out, for a software venture she built in China; the sale of a start-up Internet company within 8 months of writing their first investment pitch piece, and the sale of a leading market intelligence company for $95M in 2010.

She consults to Fortune 500 companies, capitalized start-ups, and investment funds, often serving as a “shadow CEO” to extend her clients’ bandwidth.  She advises product and service companies and consultants.  Her work optimizes her clients’ growth, dealflow and profitability. 

Her Fortune 500 clients retain her to start in-house new business unit initiatives; these have included J.P. Morgan Capital, Sony, IBM, Apple, Hearst, Blockbuster, Technicolor, Harper Collins, Discovery Channel, Time-Warner, Agfa and Scitex. Her many early stage ventures include Earthweb, Artisoft/Lantastic and iSuppli.

Her clients say she is “a brilliant strategist and a practical, down-to-earth, get-it-done person,”  “invaluable in understanding the competitive landscape and alternative strategies” and that she “cuts right through the noise, giving a clear vision of the future,” “protecting us from liability and cutting our costs.”

Her clients have been in the business, enterprise and consumer sectors, with companies in technology, SaaS, hardware and software, mobile, media and entertainment, publishing and advertising, distribution, and investment and venture funding.  She has worked in the U.S., Europe, China and Qatar.

A strategist, policymaker, dealmaker, and negotiator, her work includes strategies on entry, exit, capitalization, return on investment, growth, positioning, pricing, distribution, social media outreach, risk-assessment, new market and international expansion, due diligence, and intellectual property.

She speaks and publishes widely on entrepreneurship.  Her published credits include 5 books, 60 published articles, and a weblog with hundreds of blog posts of advice to entrepreneurs. Her website is and she can be reached at joey @