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JF Couture

Montreal, Canada
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J.F.Couture seems to possess the uncanny ability of popping up where he is not expected but with the right product at the right time. In 1997, he founded and directed the first independent video game school while most were asking... "You're going to teach them how to play ?" . The fact that video games were the perfect mix of applied science, art & storytelling hadn't yet dawned on most.


De facto, ne became the media evangelist of the local burgeoning Montreal game industry, which by now has become a hot spot of this still amazing worldwide phenomenon.


As a consultant, he monitored the evolution of the industry at Milia (Cannes) GDC (San Jose) & E3 (Los Angeles) and reported to a string of financial & government organizations while penning 2 books while maintaining a video games columnist gig at The Journal de Montreal for 5 years.


As a project leader, consultant, chief of R&D or simple teacher to the kids, J.F.Couture has always showed the same dedication and enthusiasm he now displays for Fair & Square TM.


The universal appeal of the Fair & Square TM design coupled with the infinite variations it permits, allies with the appropriate technologies to open up rich & diverse opportunities he stands to fulfill with the gusto & flair he demonstrated so far.


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