Jessica Chung

Jessica Chung

Daly City, California, United States
Member since April 13, 2010
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2009 San Francisco State University , BA , Psychology

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Recruiting Coordinator

Companies I work or worked for:
AlwaysOn, Venturebeat
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What is the next generation of entrepreneurs going to be like?

With the economy picking up, we will see entrepreneurs who have been knocked down and are dusting themselves off, to try again. There will also be entrepreneurs who are venturing out for the first time, and having learned through the experience of others, are cautious, but optimistic. We need the untried optimists, and the optimistically-wise.

What are your hobbies and interests?

* Biking
* Writing
* Hiking
* Reading
* Networking
* Going to the theater
* Walking my dogs
* Watching documentaries about our planet
* Going to the beach

What kind of books do you like to read?

I love mysteries, especially riding home from work on the BART. Inspirational books, like The Steel Wave, and The Alchemist are always great to read when I need a little pick me up.

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I have always been fascinated about the cognitive processes of the human brain, and particularly what drives us. That's why I love entrepreneurs. To have an idea and put forth time, energy and money because of a passionate belief is exciting and compelling, and with the right investors and a little luck, can lead to products that change our life as we know it. I hold a BA in Psychology from SFSU. Go Gators!