Jeff Weiss

Jeff Weiss

West Palm Beach, Florida, United States
Member since October 22, 2009
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Jeff Weiss - Chief Executive Officer and Creative Director:

Mr. Weiss is an inventor, entrepreneur, designer, and computer specialist.

Mr. Weiss has built an interesting career in the IT industry. Mr. Weiss has worked extensively in IT Services at the Walt Disney Company, including work at Disney's Imagineering - research and development under the direction and mentoring of Bran Ferren.  Mr. Weiss completed his last four years of his Disney career at The Disney Family's private investment company Shamrock Holdings, under the direction of Stanly P. Gold as the director of communications.  After Disney, Mr. Weiss has spent the past 7 years focused on the development and managment of his own company Digital Matrix LLC. The company has divisions specializing in IT-Services, Digital Signage, Power Generation Consultation, Fleet management, and Patentable Innovations.

Mr. Weiss has served with the US Air Force and is a 15 year member if the IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers)