Jason Clegg

Jason Clegg

Website: http://www.jasonclegg.com
Malibu, California, United States
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Jason Clegg has worked as an entrepreneur, creating and managing several web-based businesses since 2003. He is also a well known and sought after Copywriter and Internet Marketing expert with clients worldwide. By mastering online marketing methods, Jason created one of the most successful Content Marketing companies on the web today.

Today, Jason invests most of his time in educating and motivating aspiring entrepreneurs to reach their goals in business-building, lifestyle design, and personal success. This is the aim of www.JasonClegg.com — to provide highly useful resources and regularly updated information for anyone looking to find more success, greater personal freedom, and an enhanced lifestyle with entrepreneurship.

When not hard at work, Jason is traveling the world, learning new languages, reading widely, and otherwise marveling at life’s wonders.