Janet Mlinar

Janet Mlinar

Hello. I like to invent medical products mainly. Edison Medical is the site I have my work on. Although many are authentic and good, I have been told they cost too much to make. I am also on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/pub/janet-mlinar/94/899/234
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Hello Everyone, I'm Janet and love to innovate. I am currently working online with several people and companies to start getting my inventions off the ground as I have been told they are original, (kind of like myself) and seek more opportunities to fund these ideas for R&D. I really like to solve complex problems,- or at least try whether it be social, industrial, technical or medical and just about anything that I can give my input on. Although I am physically disabled I am able to do most things a regular person would just at my own pace. I am very aware of the difficulties that surround us all, and give honest feedback from the smallest to most complex problems we all face. The high cost of innovation as well as intellectual property problems for independent inventors has led me to give many of my ideas to society as they pertain to our future and children's future. Working with the Lance Winslow Think Tank has helped me tremendously with problem solving and social networking as a spark to help solving these complex problems. Although I am limited in what I can do, I can still reach out to the world (or my corner of it) and at the very least, give my input to this ever changing world we live in.