Jim Lacey Investor in Thousand Oaks

Jim Lacey Investor in Thousand Oaks

Jim Lacey Thousand Oaks investment entrepreneur has started several businesses in the Thousand Oaks/Westlake Village greater area. His emphasis is in consumer goods, particularly snack foods, where he makes the transition to 100% natural ingredients.

Website: http://jameslaceywestlakevillage.tumblr.com/
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jlacey8738
Twitter: https://twitter.com/jimlaceywlv
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Thousand Oaks, California, United States
Member since February 27, 2017
Founder of Healthy Ventures, LLC. An innovator with Berry Sleepy/Berry Awake, Crunchies Food Co., and several more upcoming products. Quote_down
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1990 Cal Poly SLO , BA , Marketing

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I want to invent something cool.

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Uber, Airbnb

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Currently residing in Westlake Village, CA, Jim Lacey has had a long and lucrative professional career as a market leader throughout all sectors pertaining to the consumer foods industry, particularly consumer packaged goods and healthy products. Lacey has partnered with a number of standout domestic and global corporations, leveraging his skill-set in sales, advertising, executive management, and transforming existing companies into industry leaders. Lacey has also had about 15 years of practical experience founding his very own companies as a small business owner (Healthy Ventures, LLC, and Crunchies Food Company), functioning as a market manager and as a leading consumer food expert.

Jim Lacey's Crunchies Company business was notably his most recognizable business success as of today. The Thousand Oaks, California-focused business arose from humble starts to emerge as a snack food industry pioneer with Jim's high-level leadership. Crunchies Food Co. opened up as a 2-person room-based firm in the year 2004. Nearly 10 years later in 2014, the growing firm was the #1 freeze-dried snack food business across the United States, according to Nielson Website. They succeeded in acquiring distribution into numerous consumer channels such as mass convenience stores, drug retail stores, club stores, all-natural food stores, the army, all-natural suppliers, and individual natural food retailers. Crunchies expanded its product line offerings to thirty-two varied vegetables and fruit snacks and purchased a 17k sq foot manufacturing and distribution warehouse in California.

Among his countless roles as a startup's co-founder and CEO, Jim managed day-to-day business transactions and grew sales and marketing strategies to improve company revenue. Through the experience he gained at various global snack and nutritional businesses, he was able to successfully take on settlement arrangements, vendor logistics, and licensing/trademark synchronization. He eventually sold off the Crunchies Natural Food company in 2012.

James Lacey, Southern California entrepreneur and fruitful business leader, obtained his bachelor's degree at California Polytechnic University in the town of San Luis Obispo.Jim earned an Undergraduate's degree from the University in 1981. In his schoolwork, he chose his major to be business management, along with a concentration in business advertising. The academic training and education helped prepare him for the everyday hardships he would certainly face despite his career.