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Kyle Rooney

Sales Director and Consultant at IUNU. Studied Political Science, Philosophy, Economics, and International Business at WWU. Studied Horticulture and Water Management in The Netherlands. Passionate about sustainable hydroponic agriculture.

Member since August 19, 2014
Plants, hydroponics, skiing, live music, Quote_down
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Formed IUNU to develop lighting solutions specific to the needs of commercial agriculture and urban gardeners alike. Energy efficiency, water use, and nutrient management are crucial to the success of any crop. By evolving horticulture lighting we are enabling future generations sustainability, amidst a changing climate and growing demand.

Studied abroad in The Netherlands: water management at the University of Delft. Worked in a variety of greenhouses and hydroponic gardens. 6+ years horticultural consultant

I live my passion every day helping companies, restaurants, and individuals grow the highest quality produce in their own kitchens and homes.