Hiroyuki Noguchi

Hiroyuki Noguchi

Tokyo, Japan
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1989 Northwestern Unibersity , MBA , MBA in Finance, Marketing and Strategy
1984 Northwestern University , MS , Electrical Engineering and Compuer Science
1979 Tokyo University A&T , BS , Electronics Engineering

Full bio

Hiroyuiki Noguchi

Hiroyuki Noguchi is a professional specializing assisting corporate executives and counsels on strategy matters for 20 years. He worked for international consulting firms such as LECG, Navigant, PWC (Coopers & Lybrand), KPMG Peat Marwick, and Peterson Consulting.

In recent years, Hiro has been working as a CEO and a board member for startup companies in the US and in Japan, being retained by their US investors and parent companies. Hiro redirected the original corporate visions and strategies, developed new business models target toward specific Japanese marketplaces and implemented them as a leader of the company. Hiro also restructured and reengineered the organization for fundraising and preparation of the IPO or M&A (being acquired) by optimizing corporate values. One of Hiro's strength is the wide and deep networks with corporate decision makers in Japan. He brings in new business ideas, creates synergies and develops partnership relationships.

As a consultant, Hiro has functioned as an advisor in corporate management strategies. His work focuses on formulation of business strategies involving new business model definitions, research and development, commercialization of technologies, development of new products and product introduction to market, development of new market and various forms of technology transfer activities.  These projects include licensing, joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions, business planning and valuations, intellectual properties and technology valuations as well as capital sourcing for Silicon Valley type startup companies and large well-established corporations.  Hiro has also substantial experience in analyzing damages in intellectual property litigation, breach of contract and other commercial disputes both domestically in the US and internationally. 

His industry experience includes various types of IT business models, semiconductors, computer hardware and software, artificial intelligence robotics, e-commerce, video products, consumer

electronics, telecommunication, data compression, transmission and storage technology, medical imaging equipment, factory automation and machining tools, high precision parts for electronics equipments, semiconductor manufacturing equipments, automotive engines and parts.

Prior to his consulting career, Hiro worked on corporate management and engineering positions with major international corporations such as Intel, Fujitsu and Pioneer. During this period, Hiro initiated, established, and managed a custom integrated circuit design center in Chicago for Fujitsu to assist R&D departments of US corporations. 

Hiro was a guest lecturer at University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Kent Law School of Illinois Institute of Technology, and UC Berkeley.


  • MBA 1989, Marketing, Management Strategy, Finance and Decision Science, Kellogg Graduate School of Management, NORTHWESTERN UNIVERSITY, Evanston, IL
  • MS Electrical Engineering 1984, Advanced Computer Architecture, Digital Signal Processing, NORTHWESTERN UNIVERSITY, Evanston IL
  • BS Electronics Engineering 1979, TOKYO UNIVERSITY, A&T



  • International Intellectual Property Association (AIPPI)
  • Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
  • Licensing Executives Society (Chair for Japan Committee 1990 - 1998)

KACG's General Scope of Services

Area of Practices


I.  General Business Practice:

  • Implementation of strategic management plans through hands-on management as CEO, COO and board members.
  • Corporate Strategy formulation and implementation
  • New business assessment, analysis, planning and development
  • Fund raising and sourcing for seed operations and various stages of startups operations
  • Due-diligence of new business and its operations, as well as management for venture capital type investors and acquiring companies.
  • Business and technology economic valuation for investment and M&A purposes
  • Licensing and acquisition of technology
  • Formulation of strategic alliance relationships
  • Reorganization of management structures and strategic positions
  • Financial performance analysis and fund raising.
  • Function as a management and board member for several startup companies.
  • Setting up enterprises in Japan


II. Technology Management Practice

  • Technology based business development and technology commercialization analysis and strategic planning
  • Technology economic value assessment and portfolio development strategy
  • Technology strategic alliance development
  • Licensing negotiation
  • Technology commercialization option analysis (JV, M&A, Licensing, sales, acquisition, etc.)
  • Intellectual property infringement litigation support (III)


III. Litigation support and Expert Testimony assisting counsels

  • Preliminary damage analysis and economic risk assessments on Intellectual Property related disputes.
  • Litigation / settlement decision key economic factor analysis and guideline development
  • Discovery process assistance including development of document requests, deposition and interrogatory outlines, management and translation of domestic and foreign financial and technical documents, production of documents, and others.
  • Development of damage theories
  • Assessment of damages and expert testimony