George Millington

George Millington

Campbell, California, United States
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1992 UC Berkeley , BA , Mass Communications

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George is a public relations executive and social media strategist with Walt & Company (  With more than 17 years of experience in communications and public relations, he is an expert in developing effective, high-impact communications programs for a wide range enterprise IT, consumer technology, Green IT, and financial services organizations.


George has worked with a variety of innovative start-ups as well as industry leading organizations, including HP, NEC and Hitachi, and is expert all aspects of client service, including local/global program development, strategic counsel, crisis communications, blog development, social media strategy, and managing program execution. 


Before joining Walt & Company in 1998, he held account management positions with Porter Novelli and New Venture Marketing, and worked in the promotions department of KQED-FM.  George holds a BA in mass communications from the University of California at Berkeley.  You can learn more about George and his background and interests on LinkedIn, Twitter and his personal blog, Geo's Post.