Gary Rudman

Gary Rudman

With over 20 years of experience as youth experts, GTR Consulting specializes in qualitative market research and consulting for Fortune 1000 companies focused on kids, teens, gatekeeper parents, and 21- to 35-year old Millennials.

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Since GTR Consulting was founded 14 years ago, we’ve succeeded by helping marketers understand the motivation and buying behavior of kids, teens, gatekeeper parents, and young adults (21-35 year olds). All told, I have more than 20 years of experience conducting youth research and advising companies, non-profit organizations, social marketing agencies, and state and local government. In addition to our custom research capabilities we also have our syndicated gTrend Reports--the gTrend Teen Report focusing on high-school aged teens and the gTrend Young Adult Report on the 21-35 year old. These reports offer penetrating insight into the world as today’s youth see and experience it. Providing distinct macro-trends, with an in depth qualitative and quantitative methodology, the gTrend Reports present a detailed examination of today's youth's complex relationship with technology, and how it impacts their mindset, buying behaviors, communication habits, media consumption, and relationships with brands—and, ultimately, their psyche. More information about the report—including the methodology, table of contents, and a sample trend that you can flip through—as well as our custom research capabilities can be found at our website Specialties: GTR Consulting specializes in qualitative market research focused on kids, tweens, teens, gatekeeper parents and young adults.