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Frederick Achom

London, United Kingdom
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Frederick Achom is a prominent entrepreneur and currently the chairman of the Rosemont Group, an investment company he founded in 2003. Based in British Virgin Islands, The Rosemont Group focuses on marketing, telecoms, recruitment and consulting. Most of the company’s investments have been in land and property development in the United Kingdom as well as investing and consulting on properties overseas. In addition to major contracts in Western African countries, the Rosemont Group’s most recent projects include acquiring a large holding of an Austrailian based winery, opening a one of a kind restaurant in Los Angeles and recently purchasing a large share of a United Kingdom based Property Clinic. The company focuses it’s investments on high quality products and entertainment venues and is a worldwide leader in this sector.
An Entrepreneur at Heart, An Endless Drive to Succeed
From a young age, Fredrick Achom was driven to succeed in business and investment. A believer in following dreams, Achom left school at the age of eighteen and started working at various firms in London as a financial sales associate in order to gain the experience he needed to strike out on his own. Shortly after, Achom started several of his own ventures and successfully sold his business development and consultancy agency - City Business Partners to the London based firm EGC.
In addition to being the chairman of The Rosemont Group, Achom created the highly successful Crystal Members Club with a Lebanese company, Circle Management Group. Within two short years, Achom and his partner company opened the Crystal Members Club in locations throughout the Middle East, Los Angeles and Beijing. Fredrick Achom is also a shareholder and investor in several private companies including Hanover Bars Ltd., Universal Properties Ltd., Night Management Ltd., Caseflight Ltd., among others.

Fredrick Achom also holds shares and is a partner in the London based firm, the Bordeaux Wine Company, which was established in 2002. It is the goal of Bordeax Wine Company to locate the finest wines and make recommendations for mid to long-term investing. Fine wine, unlike other investments, tend to be low risk and offer consistent and stable returns. As the wines age, the available supply gets more scarce and the prices rise. Always staying current with the market trends, the company maintains extensive connections with wine merchants and international auction houses. 

Fredrick Achom’s rise to the top has been validated, when he was recently nominated, and then accepted, his inclusion in a list of London’s one thousand most influential people.

The list was compiled by the editors, correspondents and writers of the London Evening Standard, a local newspaper that prints 70,000 copies every day. The paper has been in circulation for the past 180 years, and has more readers than every other British quality paper. The list includes people from all walks of life, from London politicians to London businessmen, London sports stars, London pop stars, London celebrities, London artists etc. The only criterion taken into account was these people’s influence on the city, and whether they were changing its landscape, culture, events etc, and creating a new London reality.

Fredrick Achom is known for his keen eye for detail and his ability to build captivating, lasting brands. Achom is also known for his motivational management skills and ability to build and lead strong, effective teams. originally from Nigeria,  he was raised by his father, a businessman, and mother, a house wife, he attended boarding school in England along with his two brothers and sister and currently lives between Paris, Rome and London.
Frederick Achom is a father of two and has a son and a daughter with his long-time girlfriend Linda Znotina. Full of wisdom, Fredrick Achom lives his life by the idea that you should “focus on what you’re doing -  and be authentic and individual,” a motto that has served him well.
In his free time, Frederick Achom enjoys playing tennis, polo and skiing. He’s also an avid collector of antiques, wine and art.