Etay Gafni

Etay Gafni

Menlo Park, California, United States
Member since September 17, 2009
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2000 IDC , BA , CS

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Etay Gafni is founder of moodspin Inc.

Etay has spent more then fourteen years mastering multiple disciplines, including, software development, user-experience design, multi-media and eLearning production, community development and management.

Prior to moodspin, Etay was the VP of Products for Veodia Inc. - Responsible for product strategy, product definition and user experience of Veodia's products and services.

Etay worked for SAP since April 2001 to April 2008, and managed several global teams, leading SAP’s eLearning initiatives. From 2003 to 2006 Etay was the Managing Editor of the SAP Developer Network (SDN) - responsible for definition, content and operation.

At 2006, Etay joined the Ux team and the office of the CTO, where he was focusing on the end-user experience and technologies. Etay worked closely with SAP venture to identify and evaluate technologies, products, services and companies who can work with SAP to shape the future of the enterprise.

Prior to SAP, Etay was part of several startup companies in Israel.